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Regenerative Organic Agriculture

We are committed to supporting and sourcing milk from farms that utilize regenerative organic agriculture practices. In collaboration with St. Brigid's Dairy, we are referencing the current Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC) framework. Obtaining the ROC for all Emerald Grasslands products is our goal.  

Grass-fed Dairy

Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) developed an interim grass-fed milk standard protocol in spring 2017. Dairy Farmers of Ontario and other provincial milk marketing Boards are working with Dairy Farmers of Canada and the Dairy Processors Association of Canada to have a national standard in place for the 2019 grazing season. All Emerald Grasslands butter meets - and surpasses - the current DFO Grass-fed Standards

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Organic Dairy

The Canadian Organic Standards are a rigorous and well respected set of organic standards. Organic dairy production helps create a holistic ecosystem that supports soil health, pasture health, animal welfare and people. 


Pastured Jersey Cows

Pastured Jersey cows produce milk that is naturally high in butterfat, essential nutrients and vitamins. Since Canadian winters don't support year round pasturing, winter feeding regimes have been created to ensure animal health and premium milk production year round. Cows feed on primarily non-fermented green-grass-cuttings from the summer months.