Supporting human health and nutrition, and regenerative organic agriculture, are the cornerstones of the Emerald Grasslands brand. 


The Emerald Grasslands brand is owned and operated by Can-Dairy Inc. At Can-Dairy, we're passionate about building an environmentally and socially conscious company that will impact our beautiful world in positive ways. 

Our pursuit for premium quality, Canadian dairy, is relentless. We will always put human health, land management and animal welfare at the forefront of our business decisions. We will never stop learning.

We choose to operate our business in this way so we can maximize our impact - not profit.

Emerald Grasslands branded products will help communicate our values through the marketing of premium, Canadian, grass-fed, organic, dairy products.

Please visit our Can-Dairy website to learn more about our values, goals and plans to help support human health and nutrition and regenerative organic agriculture projects.  

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